Welcome to the
Newcastle University Sub-Aqua Club
'We Dive'
Newcastle University Sub-Aqua Club or NUSAC, is one of the many societies available at Newcastle University. We offer you, for a reduced fee, the opportunity to train, travel, explore the underwater world and ultimately have fun!

Diving provides you with the unique opportunity to explore an extremely alien world and see all the life forms that are live within.

We hope you will have as much fun diving as we do!

For further information on events, joining NUSAC and what not use the sidebar to explore the site!

British Sub Aqua Club:
NUSAC is a BSAC club meaning we benefit from their support, knowledge and experience. BSAC is the UK's leading dive club and the sport's National Governing Body. Your membership to NUSAC includes a years BSAC membership which entitles you to liability insurance and access to a network of diving resources. This also means that you can join local BSAC clubs out of term time and get involved in the diving scene near your home!
BSAC works closely with organisations like the Health and Safety Executive, the RNLI, Marine Coastguard Association (MCA), Marine Conservation Society, HM Treasury’s Receiver of Wrecks, DEFRA and other diving organisations.
More information about the British Sub Aqua Club is available on their website