Joining NUSAC

We're delighted you would like to join our club! Please follow the following instructions and you'll be a member in no time.

1) Join the mailing list! If you’re not on the mailing list you won’t get updates about the club, trips, nights out and will be missing out on all the important stuff. Go to and find our email, . Alternatively send an email to Jonny, our chairman:
2) Next you need to join the club itself, through the Athletic Union Clubs and Societies page:  
You will need to log in using your student number and password. We are listed as "Sub-Aqua".
One year’s membership costs £65.00. This includes your £26 student subscription to BSAC.
***NOTE: If you are ALREADY a BSAC member through another club or prefer to pay directly via direct debit, join online then bring along proof you have joined NUSAC and details of your BSAC membership, and we will refund you the £26***

3) we will be running a sign-up meeting to go through all the necessary paperwork, as soon after Freshers' Week as possible. This will include a sports diver self-certification medical form*. Check your emails and the NUSAC page for more information.

4) that's it! Once you're a member make sure you join our 2012-2013 facebook group where you can chat to other members and stay up to date with the latest training, trips, socials and news. You can find the group here:  or just search "NUSAC 2012-2013".

*Please note: If you have any questions, or are worried that your health may cause problems it is better for you to ask before joining us as it can be quite difficult to refund money through the Union


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