Already a Diver?

Whether you have trained and are qualified with BSAC, or with another diving company it does not matter. All are welcome at NUSAC!
What kind of diver are you?

BSAC Qualified:

Your ready to dive with us! Just show us your certification and if all is fine, just sign up to any of the dives taking place. If you feel like you want to develop your skills and dive know how we offer additional training, in the form of a 'Sports Diver' Qualification each year. We aim to also assist with other levels of training which may be required.

PADI or Other Qualification:
Your also ready to dive with us! All that we need is to see evidence of your alternative diving qualification and you will be required to attend an 'Induction to the BSAC' lecture detailing BSAC's ethos and an overview of the BSAC '88 Decompression Tables.
Crossover Course:
If you are planning to carry on your training you will need to do a Crossover Course. Upon completion of this course you will be a BSAC qualified diver at the level which your alternative qualification equates to and able to train for the next higher BSAC qualification.
Below is a table listing the BSAC equivalents for a number of other diving qualifications.

Qualification Held BSAC Equivalent

PADI Open Water

Ocean Diver
PADI Advanced Open Water
CMAS One Star Diver

PADI Rescue Diver

Sports Diver
SSI AOW with Rescue
CMAS Two Star Diver

PADI Divemaster

Dive Leader
SSI Dive Control Specialist